Friday, May 27, 2005

Malachi Z York is INNOCENT!!!!

Its not very often that I get excited and stirred over legal mumbo jumbo.However one particular court case has me wondering where our civil rights are going???? I'm speaking about the court case of Dr. Malachi Z. York. In case you havent heard about this, and dont know who this man is, I'll explain. Dr. York has been a spiritual leader and teacher in the African American community since the late 1960's.He had a music career in the early 1970's, but his life is mostly about his spiritual organization which has now come to be known as the United Nuwaubian Nation...The group moved to Eatonton County GA, from Brooklyn in the mid 90's, after Dr. York purchased some land to house his many followers. Eatonton GA, Putnam county, is a rural mostly Caucasian town,who was not used to much stir when the Nuwaubians came to town. The land Dr. York purchased had many statues of Egyptian deities,temples, and monuments all built by the people who lived on the land. The problems began when members wanted to build a social club on the land, THEIR LAND, which was only zoned for agriculture...In comes the newly elected sheriff Howard Sills who needed to make a name for himself Dukes Of Hazzard Style.He gave the groups problem after problem, and whaatddyya know! A mysterious letter pops up saying he had abused and molested children on the land. This happened in 2002.Fast forward to today 2005 and you havent heard a peep about this story in the media..Normally, when you hear about a large group of people African American or any other race, that practice non conventional spiritual beliefs, being accused of a heinous crime such as child abuse and molestation, you wouldve heard much more than what they've put in the media thus far concerning this man Dr. MAlachi Z. York, and Nuwaubian Nation...Like Waco for example. We knew about David Koresh, his lifestyle, and his teachings. This story has been swept under the rug, and an innocent man has been put in prison for the next 135 years. Thats correct 135 years!!! With no evidence that he ever molested any children!!! Is That insane? He was arrested while shopping at the grocery store, and the land he owned raided.Men women and children were made to leave their homes, and eventually the land was confiscated by the government. Many of the women and children were forced to leave their homes...with no place to go. I am posting a few links so that you can read about this story for yourself...and I will post information as it comes!!!

There will be an internet broadcast on June 7th concerning the legal battles of Malachi Z. York. Please go to: I will post the times ASAP!!

Internet broadcast on from 10pm to 12 pm EST. Listen yall for updates on the case....Very interesting how this has been covered up by the media!!

Friends, I am sorry to have to report that the Nuwaubians land was not only taken but also destroyed. This is the latest news taken from the Macon Telegraph online:

Former Nuwaubian property sold for $1.1 millionBy Tim SturrockTelegraph Staff Writer
Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills was the first to knock down a piece of the Egyptian-themed structures erected years ago by Malachi York and his followers.
The 476-acre Putnam County compound once owned by York, the convicted United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors leader, was sold Wednesday for $1.1 million, said Dave Turner, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshal's Service.
Thursday, Sills personally began the demolition by using a front-end loader to tear down the arched gate leading to the property.
The gate, like the three pyramids, obelisks, pillared buildings, and walls, were covered with colorful plaster and Styrofoam sculptures of Egyptian-themed animals and symbols. Many were already crumbling before demolition crews moved in.
"Styrofoam and stucco - lifeblood of the Nuwaubians," Sills said.
"It does feel good," Sills said. "This gives some finality to it. It will be good to see it go back to what it was before York's habitation."
The new owner, Lawson Lawrence, a Milledgeville developer, said he planned on reselling the land and plans to remove the stucco structures on 19 acres of the property within 30 days.
York founded the quasi-religious Nuwaubian group in New York in the late 1960s, before moving it to rural Putnam County in 1993. He was convicted in federal court in January 2004 of 10 counts of child molestation and racketeering, and sentenced to 135 years in federal prison.
Prosecutors said he used the cult for his sexual pleasure and financial gain, including recruiting members to groom children for sex with him.
The Putnam County property and a home in Athens were forfeited to the government and seized in August.
"I think the young victims, who had so many despicable things done to them on this land, will appreciate Mr. Lawrence ridding the land of the symbols of that period of their life," Sills said.
Lawrence said he hopes to resell the property in the next six months.
"It's a really pretty piece of land except of all the stuff that's on it right now," Lawrence said. Only a 19-acre piece of the land has any sign that it was used by the Nuwaubians, Lawrence said.
About 50 people were living on the property just before it was seized by federal authorities, but on special events more than 2,000 people gathered there. As many as 500 people reportedly lived there five years ago.
Lawrence said he plans to leave the metal buildings after tearing off the decoration covering them. He said a future owner could use the buildings as construction offices. He said the land, which has four ponds, could be used for a hunting lodge, for a home or as farm land. He said he might split the land up, though for now he wants to sell it as one piece. He said he also plans to keep York's home on the property for now.
Lawrence said the demolition could take a month and cost $50,000 to $75,000. He already has donated things such as plates, pots and playground equipment from the property to a local church. He said he hasn't determined an asking price and doesn't have any potential buyers yet.
Lawrence said he hopes that Nuwaubians have no animosity about the sale.
"I hope they understand that someone was going to do something with it eventually," Lawrence said.
The property shows signs that little had been done to it before Thursday. Tall grass surrounds the stage, nightclub, York's home and the trailers that cover the land. The stucco facades of some buildings were already crumbling.
Sills called the structures "junk" as he gave a tour of the property, which was now missing the gate, and slowly losing a pillared wall as a front-end loader busted through wood and dust.
"It's nothing and it's been nothing. It, like York, was a facade," Sills said.
Federal officials have indicated the proceeds from the sale of the Putnam County and Athens properties will go to the agencies involved in the investigation, primarily the Putnam County Sheriff's Office and the FBI.
But Sills said he didn't know how much money his department would receive, though he said it probably wouldn't make up for the money spent investigating York.
Still he said, "Always there are things a sheriff would like but can't have because of budgetary constraints. We'll be grateful for anything we get," he said.
The Athens property will go on the online auction block sometime this summer, Turner said.

this was the beautifu;land complete with historic monuments that has been destroyed:


Blogger 1Nine said...

This Is What We Need.....

Thanks For Making These Facts Available On Such A Large Scale...

Stay Safe, Brave & Strong!

7:22 PM  
Blogger malachi is innocent said...

Thank you brother...

Malachi will be free!!

10:52 AM  
Blogger FRDMFGHTRS said...

You brought up some good points .

The lack of media news attention shows the fact that their trying to hide something.

In this day and time a case of this magnitude ,if it was any one else other than Malachi Z York it would be on the news non stop.

7:55 AM  
Blogger malachi is innocent said...

Thanks frdmfghtrs!!! Any other case where the defendant was identified as a psychopatic cult leader who molested hundreds of children and fathered tons of babies wouldve made the nightly news dont you think?? Why do they pretend this case isnt even going on?? Do they NOT want you to know who this man is? Do they not want you to be aware of his level of knowledge???

1:20 PM  
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What can I do to help get this information out. It is imperative that the public have this.

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